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March, 2021


Sujan Shongbad

Message from the President....

Dear members and friends of Sujan,


During these unprecedented times, when social distancing has become a norm of the day, the need to be connected to our friends and community has become all the more relevant. In the spirit of being all in this together and to keep our members feeling all the more part of the Sujan family, we are delighted to introduce the very first edition of Sujan's newsletter titled Sujan Shongbad. It is an effort by the Sujan team to foster the sense of community spirit and togetherness amongst our members.

Saraswati Pujo: Our First event of 2021

Like every year, we started our event Calendar of the year with Saraswati Pujo/Vasant Panchami on 14th February, 2021.

Follow the links below to visit the highlights of the day.

Behind the Scenes: Work in progress....

We have been keeping busy! Here are a few things in the works:

Digital Footprint

  • Published our first website with new updates

  • Posting Regular updates in Social media channels

Enhance Activity

  • Published Event Calendar for 2021

  • Executed our first event and planning for the next

Necessary Housekeeping

  • Creating Membership model for Sujan

  • Working towards a constitution

  • Formal registration as Cultural Organization

Watch this space for more updates in future!!

Team Sujan

This year, there is a new committee in place, with lot of fresh new faces, as well as some familiar ones.

Find out more about the team in:

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