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Sujan Shongbad: Sujan's Newsletter
New Members' Section

With future editions of our newsletter, we are delighted to announce the inclusion of a Members' Section in support of our aim to nurture our culture, arts and hidden talents within the community.

Request for content submission...

We are hereby requesting member submissions towards our newsletter. Please reach out and contribute!

What content... 

Any original content that you would like to share with the community, including (but not limited to):

  • Write-ups, essays, reports 

  • Audio/video recordings

  • Travelogues

  • Photographs

  • Drawings

How to send...
Keep in mind...
  1. Email us the content @:

  2. Please remember to mention 'Sujan-Shongbad' in the subject line.

  3. Please include the following consent snippet in e-mail to allow us to use and publish the content.


I, <your name>  hereby consent Sujan, Ireland to use the attached content for use in it’s periodic newsletter: Sujan Shongbad

  1. Sujan is a non-profit & non-political platform. So, please use your judgment.

  2. Content submitted/uploaded in the newsletter would be subjected to standard copyright and GDPR rules.

  3. Sujan will reserve the right on the final decision about publishing the content.

    • If we are unable to publish your content, we would aim to provide you with a reasonable explanation behind our decision.

Published Newsletters

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